Books, Stories and Poems

You can find Books, Stories and Poems about the Adventures of Blondie Bear and Friends starting in the Enchanted Forest. You will also find other fun stories and poems.

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Our Friends

What's more fun then going on fabulous adventures? Why, meeting amazing friends along the way! Find out more of the friends we have met and the fabulous stories about them.

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Blondie Bear Treats

We like to trade fun, wonderful and delicious treats for hugs and kisses. Please check out our selection of things to make you happy!

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Since 1993

Blondie Bear says:

Shhhhhh......I have a secret to tell you!


SURPRISE!!!! You have come to the most wonderful place! We have lots of stories to tell you and many, many friends for you to meet. Please come back often as we will be going on many adventures and want to share them all with you.

Blondie 1

The Bear Facts

Blondie Bear will tell you interesting things from time to time. Sometimes about our friends and sometimes about other interesting and exciting things. Check back often.