Buster, Blondie and Boydie
Blondie 1

Our Approach

Our Never Ending Story

Read all about us in this story that starts where we started. Then follow us through our many adventures and meet our many friends.

We will update this story with a new chapter about once a week. Enjoy and keep reading!

Our Story

Chapter One

Every story has to start somewhere. Our story starts in the Enchanted Forest.

Once upon a time there were three bears... No, not those bears! These bears became friends in the Enchanted Forest and have been life long friends ever since.

The Enchanted Forest is everything you could imagine it to be and a lot more; oh, a whole lot more. You can't actually find this magical place on a map. You can't actually go to this most mysterious and wonderful place. No, you need to be born in the Enchanted Forest.

As was the case with our heroes. The first of our friends is Blondie Bear. She is a very smart and beautiful Golden Bear. She has nicely curved ears, a cute nose and is a little bossy; just a little. Blondie came from the Northern side of the Enchanted Forest. She was quite an adventurous bear. She would climb the tallest trees, cross the widest streams and hike the highest hills. Life in the Enchanted Forest was always peaceful and happy. There was always plenty to eat and lots to do. Blondie Bear would travel throughout the forest and made lots of friends. One of her hikes led her to her next friend. (Continued in Chapter 2)

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